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Intelligence Consultant Services

ICS Company's mission is to assist all businesses with ERP systems and to serve as a business and financial consultant to help them expand and improve their competitive advantage. It also provides human resource training.

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Training & Development Program

Identify company strategic plan.

Conduct training needs assessment.

Select training methods.

Prepare training materials.

with bookkeeping service

What can
we offer you?

with bookkeeping service

we will enable you to maintain the accounting records for your business at a fraction of the cost of a full-time accountant.

What we can do for
your website

Starting from SEO services to comprehensive service
related to advertasing your brand.

Social Media Marketing

we can offer you the perfect secrets and tips of

how to get more leads &customers through social media marketing.

Speed Optimization

Slow website is a dead website so we can bring your website alive with the best practices of seo to rank in google,being and yandex too.

Client & Sale Targeting

level up outreach game with ics.

Analyze your sales outreach through our powerful analytics experience. 

Increase of total visitors on your website

Let the facts convince you

Let’s Skip What Doesn’t Work And Get Right Down To The Things That We Guarantee You By Working With Us.

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Increase of total
visitors on your website.

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decrease of total pounce rate to your website.

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Increase frequent visitors to your website.